Personal Narrative: Traveling To The Hoosier National State Park

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Sep 14 i 'm traveling to the hoosier national state park to see the sights. when it 's rainy and I slid off the road and crashed into the woods the truck rolled and I landed against a tree. I couldn 't stop i landed on my roof and had to cut my seat belt to get down then i worked on finding my wits and seeing what happened to me. when i looked around i was i was down a pit and couldn 't get out. today i worked on getting a shelter built, so i worked on getting limbs so i can build a frame to a small house then i patched it with foam from the seats of my car. then i got pine tree limbs and made a roof so i wouldn 't get rained on. then i made a bed like thing so i could not just lay on the ground 9/21 today i woke out with a really bad toothache so i went and found some things to put together to try to numb it i was out looking for a while and i found some pine tree sap and a little moss to boil together and stick it to my tooth to make it feel better i ate a little bit of bread that i had left and it didn 't hurt my tooth to much so i 'm going to go back to sleep and see if it helps…show more content…
10/12 today i tried to find a way to get out of the part of the forest i was in so i followed down river for a bit and i was having no luck with that so i went back to my shelter and it started raining so i set out some cups to try to catch some water so i wouldn 't dehydrate and it rained for a good hour and i got a lot of

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