Personal Narrative: Two Different Types Of Hunting

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About me
I was born on February 9, 1998. I was very active as a young kid. When I was little I looked up to one person; which is my dad. I always acted like him and did everything just like he did. We did pretty much everything together: he taught me how to do everything that I know how to do. The first time I ever went hunting was with my dad when I was three years old. I have two older sisters that are twins; they just turned twenty-two in july. As a little kid I was good but also very ornery at the same time. With my sisters being older I would always be wanting to go do stuff with them and they would get annoyed by me a lot. Sometimes I would get in trouble by my parents because I would get too curious with stuff and end up breaking something.
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Hunting is my third most favorite thing to do. I love being in the outdoors; accordingly I would live in the woods if I could. I would much rather be in the woods than doing anything else any day of the week. My favorite type of hunting is bowhunting. I like bowhunting the most because I think there is more thrill and excitement in bowhunting than any type of hunting. The most recent deer I shot with my bow was probably the most thrilling hunt I’ve ever had. It all started when I was just sitting in my deer stand, waiting for an opportunity to come to shoot a deer. All of the sudden I hear something cracking twigs and leaves behind me. I turned around, and it was a deer! So I stood up real slow to grab my bow that was hanging behind me on the tree. I stood there watching nature 's amazing creation and when I saw that there was an opening for a shot, I took it. The arrow soared thirty yards in the air and impacted the deer right behind the front shoulder. The deer did not like it very much, he threw up his back legs in pain and trotted off into the woods out of sight. I knew I made a great shot. So the time came to get out of my stand and go look for the deer to recover it. I went to where I shot it and there was blood splattered all over the leaves and bushes; at that moment I knew the deer wouldn’t make it very far. I walked about another twenty yards, and there he was laying dead on the ground. All…show more content…
I have been to many different states and I want to go to many more. Before my sisters went to college my family always went to Colorado to go skiing with family friends. I love the spectacular view that the amazing Colorado mountains have to share. Colorado is by far my favorite state that I have ever been too. I love heights, I like being able to look out over everything and to be able to see for miles and beyond. Although we travel most of the time just to get away and have fun but most of the time it is because of either my sisters or my sports, We have traveled to many different places just for our sport tournaments. One year my family traveled to Florida for my sister 's softball tournament. And it just so happened that I broke my leg a few weeks before we went and it was miserable for me. I was either on crutches or in a wheelchair everywhere we went. It was my first time ever being to the ocean so I just had to get in. I couldn’t get my cast wet so i had to get a plastic cover for it and it didn’t work very well. When my dad put the cover on he forgot to let all of the air out of it so once I got in the water my leg was like a gigantic balloon. Whenever a wave would come my leg would shoot straight up and I would fly back and land on my back every time. Eventually I gave up and just laid there floating in the water. That was probably my worst traveling experience other than the time that I got lost on

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