Personal Narrative-UECF Military Training Grounds

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We all wait nervously, a room filled with six-hundred third graders but no one whispers more than a few words. Today we find out that twenty of us that will leave our families behind for the next two decades. Every year the government chooses twenty seven year old children from each school in the Providence of Britain and transports them to the United Europe Combat Forces (UECF) military school who will then become soldiers after their training. A strange woman walks up the mic, its the same women who dose the announcement every year. Our class has always joked and called her Drakula, due to her tall and skinny build, pale skin and big nose. Dracula flicks the mic, a high pitched noise gets everyone to attention. she starts to talk but I can't focus something about honoring our veterans…show more content…
2410, July 10, 1300 London, England , The Provinces Europe UECF Military Training Grounds *least detail I'm escorted to a looby were all the other waite. I find Kelley and James next to each other and I sit down next to them. “how are you?” James asks. “I'm a little anxious ” I reply. Kelly lightly punches me on the shoulder “don't worry we're gonna have fun you know what happens next” she says. Just than a man walks in and introduces himself. “Hello I'm Sargent Banks. You will be going on a tour of the grounds in just a moment but first i'm going to give you all a letter with your personal information. On the letter will be your assigned your Room, Platoon, Schedule, exedra. Any questions?” A boy with flaming red hair and freckles asks “Whats a Platoon?” “Good question, your platoon is your group of in which you will train with, eat with, be housed with and will one day fight with on the battlefield. There is also your squad which is a sub group of 4 that will be decided later on. Any other
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