Personal Narrative: Uncle Raymond

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It was October twenty-second 2011 on a Saturday. It would make my second year of hunting, so I was not that used to it. My dad was out of town and my papaw’s leg was bothering him. I only had one choice. Go hunting with my Uncle Raymond. I was desperate and I hadn 't killed a deer yet so I was going. I didn 't know how good he was. I was just going to have to see how it worked out.
If you don 't know Uncle Raymond, maybe you have an uncle just like him. Here are some examples. If your uncle claims he could 've been an NFL Quarterback, then he is like Uncle Raymond. If he swears he saw Bigfoot while hunting in Alaska, he 's like Uncle Raymond. If he says he was arm wrestling with Big Show and won, then he 's like Uncle Raymond. He also looks like Jeff Foxworthy. Instead of telling you all of those examples I could have just told you he is full of it. We we were walking up the hill to get to the tree stand and I am glad we did not see a deer. He was taking so much if we saw one it would have ran away. Before we get up the tree stand we have to go up this little deck like structure. It is about three foot high. That sucker jumped higher than some NBA players. I know it’s three foot, but we were wearing heavy coats and boots…and he had a gun. This is the normal part of what happened during this trip. I was getting pretty
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We were sitting in the tree stand eating beef jerky and Little Debbie Cakes and we heard a rustle in the leaves. I looked and it was a six point buck. To bad we could only kill a doe. So I just sat back and watched him prance around. POW! POW! POW! In less than two seconds that bucks antlers were shot off, something else was shot of that I am not aloud to say, and a hole was in that deer. I said,”What in the world are you doing?” He chuckled,”I have been craving deer jerky…and I think I got some.” But were not supposed to kill bucks! “It is not a buck it is a doe, the antlers are off, plus I got some antlers to rattle when I can kill a buck.”
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