Personal Narrative-Upward Bound In School

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Woohoo! I’m going to Minnesota for the first time! I can’t believe I got good enough grades to go. Despite it being 5 in the morning on a summer day, I’m so excited nonetheless! Kinda wish they had planned to meet up at the college at a later time but I guess I can’t control how long the trip is! “Look at that! The bus has TVs!” a classmate shouted from the back, “that’s so cool!” It was cool, the bus was packed basically with a lot of teenagers who were tired but most likely hyped up on energy drinks. Upward Bound, a program that helps you get a first-hand college experience, really did go to the top with this trip. I hope this trip goes well so my hard work wasn’t for nothing though! The staff is still outside talking and putting up bags in the bus’s storage, while that was happening most of the kids had brought blankets and pillows to use to sleep with on the trip up and were trying to get comfortable. I wish I brought mine, I hadn’t even thought of it! I was worried about snacks and drinks on the way there, at least I have my jacket.…show more content…
He ended up taking roll and telling us to be on our best behavior, turns out only one kid didn’t show up, probably overslept so I wouldn’t blame them. I thought I would’ve gotten lucky having a seat to myself but ended up getting stuck with another student, there goes my leg room. At least they weren’t one of the overly talkative ones because I am horrible at conversations. Everything was ready and we headed off to Minnesota, finally! One of the other resident assistants got up with a crate of snacks so people who didn’t have breakfast could eat and not go hungry, it was basically a seven hour drive
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