Personal Narrative: Vacation In Varadero, Cuba

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We have been so accustomed to gifts such as education that we take them for granted just as a deer takes an oxpecker for granted. Often you hear people talking about not wanting to go to school or even skipping school which is outrageous considering the misfortunate ones who would wish to be in our place, to have the privileges that we have. There are people who would give anything to go to school like we do. The things we take for granted every day, might be what some people dream of having.

Four years ago I went on vacation to a resort in Varadero, Cuba. The weather is nice and the ocean beautiful. If you had never left the resort, you could assume that Cuba is a fairly rich country and people there have it good, but as soon as you leave
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There was even a lady who had a fake baby trying to get people to sympathize. Nonetheless, it was such a different experience. Nothing you would find in Calgary. Once we made it there, we found ourselves in the middle of a shopping centre, so we continued to look around. We were greeted by a man with many cigars for sale. His eyes were very baggy and his arms were scraggly. He began to tell us about his family and his life story. The story of his son was the most interesting part. His son had to grow up not having access to education and good health care. Growing up, all he knew was the farm and the animals that they had. It was after I had reflected upon this, when I realized the importance and value that education has in my life.

School, education. Two things that aren’t of much popularity these days. It’s a shame because there are many that have to walk a number of treacherous miles a day just to get to school. Or they don’t even have the access to education like we do. We should be more appreciative of our gifts that we think of as burdens. Take a different approach to life because maybe then you could find more happiness in the opportunities we are
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