Personal Narrative: Valley Marchmaster

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I think my parents are going to go deaf soon. Between the snap of the snare drum, the ring of a crash cymbal, the kick of the bass drum, and the clang of the baby grand piano, my parents hearing is declining. With percussion and piano I have been drawn to the more boisterous instruments. Even though I play some of the loudest instruments, my parents still yell at me for being on the quiet computer. It seems that my parents don’t value quiet as much as I thought. I have a variety of interests some of which include music, marching band, and video games. At the age of 6 or 7 I walked into my living room and saw a grand piano, which I thought was pretty cool until I realized that I would be taking lessons for the piano. At first I hated the lessons,…show more content…
I always enjoyed the performance, especially the Drumline. Because of this, I decided to join the Marchmasters during my freshman year. Since joining, I have realized that it is a lot more work than I had anticipated. Not only do I have to wake up really early, the practices can be up to 4 hours long, marching and carrying a drum. Even though is a lot of work I still continue to do it. When i’m not busy with drums, piano, or homework, I am often playing video games. We have many gaming consoles, however I only play on my laptop and phone. Although I maintain good grades my parents won’t allow me to play my laptop on school days. This may be the reason I have good grades but I don’t know because they won’t let me play it on school days to see if my grades go down. Other than that, my parents don’t have many problems with me playing video games.
Music, marching band, and video games are a big part in my life. Marching band forces me to be very responsible because I have to learn and memorize my music. Also I have to be on time for the early morning rehearsals. Piano has taught me patience, because learning piano music takes a lot of time. Despite all this nothing beats a good video
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