Personal Narrative: Verona Girls Golf Team

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It was the summer before my freshman year when I made the most influential choice towards my life. In a spur of the moment decision I signed up for the Verona girls golf team. I made my mind up in 6th grade that I was going to do volleyball in the Fall because pretty much all the girls did volleyball and thought they were the best players ever. I never even thought about doing golf. This was my mindset until I really started to think and thought to myself, “I’m not even good at volleyball. I wouldn't move up in the rankings as fast as I would for golf. Is it really worth playing a sport I’m bad at with all my friends? Or playing a sport I’m good at with none of my friends”.
These are the sentences that changed my mind and it had the best outcome
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I’ve have been playing forever, like since I was 4, but my attitude towards it was always less than impressive. I thought it was the boringest sport you could ever play and my parents are making me play. But I was finally determined to change my views on the sport, now that I signed up to play on a team that depended on me. Almost everyday in the summer I got up and played a round of golf. I often thought to myself,
“Why Courtney? Why did you pick the one sport that takes 4 hours to play and makes you wake up to play super early”. It was a rough summer, full of frustration, because I had no idea why I was trying so hard, knowing there was no way on earth I was even going to make the JV team. Beside my thoughts, I kept going and trying my hardest all the way until the day of
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As my mom, sister and I pulled up to the golf course I almost didn’t want to get out of the car. When I got out, I look and see all of the juniors and seniors sitting together, laughing with no nerves at all, they all looked so intimidating. I also see the horrible conditions of the golf course. The eye catching, perfectly rolled and cut putting greens I was used to, looked like heaven compared to the brown, bumpy greens of Tumbledown. The white exterior paint turned to a peeling dirty brown. The website made it seem much more luxurious, I was not impressed, but then again I knew that golf barely got any money from the school so we couldn’t afford anything else. After doing tryouts for two days in a row, I felt much more comfortable with the team, but also embarrassed because I played horrible. Now I knew there was no way I would be on JV, but rather just part of the team. When our coaches called the team over to say who would be playing in the in the next tournament I had my suspicions on who would be placed where. They started with varsity. All of my thoughts about them were correct but now they were on to JV. I was unsure on how everyone else had played, because I knew no one other than my sister, who had played out standing rounds. I kept telling
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