Personal Narrative: Victory At Thomson Middle School

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Sean Hampton said “Victory is the child of preparation and determination.” My first year of attending Thomson Middle School I was determined to play, no matter how much I had to work I was determined. The coaches had a meeting were they informed us on a few rules. One was that you had to be in the seventh and eighth grade to participate. A pile of disappointment tumbled into the bottom of my stomach because I was only in the sixth grade. The information I received was negative and positive, it gave me time to prepare myself. So even though I could not join the team, I stilled attended every practice after school to watch the team. When I watched the older girls I became fascinated with their practice and I would say “That would be me one day.” The team had a sense of confidence that radiated off of them and I couldn’t stop watching their every movement. Ms. Nicholson, the coach, had a round shape that made her wobble, had long brown hair, and wore thick oval shaped glasses. She was a regular coach with a spectacular bond and commitment to the players. She yelled at the girls sometimes. However Ms. Nicholson knew that the girls understood what she…show more content…
Although I was tall I was also nervous and new at playing basketball but I was prepared. That meant all the coaches would be watching my every move. I could feel the eyes follow my footsteps, and the comments being thrown at me. I didn’t want to look up because I knew we would make eye contact. The cold air blunder my chest. I was beginning to feel the pressure. My legs began to hurt. My body was trying to give up on me but my mind wasn’t. My body was tired but my mind was determined. There was a voice in the back of my head saying give up, but Sean Hampton’s words spoke louder “Victory is the child of preparation and determination.” Those words constantly repeated in my head. They made me push myself. I prepared and was determined to be
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