Personal Narrative: Viole's Grandmother

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2190 days earlier
The livid fire roared while crickets and screams were heard in the distance. The heart radiating off the fire pricked at her skin. Happiness swelled inside of the little girl as her grandmother waved at her from the short distance put between them. The little girl cared not who screamed, nor who was to die in those few moments, all she could care about was her gradmothers grand arrival. Viole 's grandmother bluntly started a conversation.
"Sweetheart, I know you 're adventurous, and I know you 're going to surpass me one day. I 'll help all I can with your combat with these rings, just always wear them and I 'll be with you forever. Hermes, Aphrodite, Gaia, Zeus, Ares, Kronos, Ouranos, Poseidon, Hades, and Helios will guide
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"You told me they 'd help me with my combat, right?" the little girl asks, clarifying the grandmothers words.
"Yes, I suppose you want to know what they 'll specifically help you with, isn 't that right?" her grandmother asked, watching the little girl bob her head up and down eagerly to know the new information.
"Ah, alright. Let 's start off with basic information. These Gods and Goddesses will always be invisible. They will never turn on you. Their invisible forms will give them an advantage, but their real power is truly outstanding. Hermes is clever, bold, determined, athletic, and a powerful magician, he can charm monsters with his flute or lyre music, he 'll be help with combat. Aphrodite has potent sexual attractiveness, dazzling beauty, she will assist you with advice and has magical powers to compel love. Gaia is a primal mother goddess, she will give you mental advice in combat. Zeus is highly powerful, strong, charming and persuasive, he 'll give you physical help in combat. Ares is very determined, fearless and decisive, he will give you physical help in combat. Krono is determined, rebellious and a good keeper of time, he will be both mentally and physically a big help in combat. Ouranus has great strength and will provide physical help in combat. Poseidon is a very creative god, he can drown people 's lungs, he will give great physical help in combat. Hades is rich with the wealth of the earth, he is persistent and determined, he will be physical help in

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