Personal Narrative Vs. Officer's Story

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In 2005, Carl Bryan was stopped in Coronado, California for a seat belt violation. Bryan had already been stopped that same morning on a speeding charge, at this point he was upset with himself. Because of this, he was hitting the steering wheel and yelling expletives at himself. He complied with the officer, when he requested to turn the radio down and pull to the curb. The following part is where Bryan and the officer 's story is different. The officer states that he told him to stay in his vehicle, but Bryan got out of the car and he was visibly upset, he was hitting his legs and continued yelling. Both the officer and Bryan stated that he was not making threatening remarks. Both sides are calling the next events differently. Officer MacPherson testified that Bryan took one step toward him and without warning he tased Bryan. In Bryan 's defense, he states that he did not take a step toward the officer, also the evidence is showing that Bryan was tased in the back. As a result he fell face first to the pavement fracturing four teeth and suffering facial damage. He was arrested and taken to the hospital. (United States Court of Appeals)

Following Bryan 's ordeal, he sued officer MacPherson, the Coronado Police Department, chief of police and the City of Coronado for excessive force and
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This was unusual behavior for a minor traffic stop, but Bryan was not threatening or trying to run. My first thoughts of seeing an offender acting erratic, would be drug related. The first steps the officer should have tried was to walk closer to him and start talking and asking questions. This would give you a better idea, if the young man was just upset or on drugs. At the time the officer used his taser, there was no confrontation or resisting taking

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