Personal Narrative: Wade In The Water

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“Wade in the water. Wade in the water, children. Wade in the water. God’s going to trouble the water,” the slaves sang as they did their daily work. Link “You know, Meredith, we should not waste any time at all attempting to escape this place,” pronounced Caroline. “We should take the lyrics of this song to heart and begin to come up with a plan.” “I agree. I cannot live in this place doing this parlous of work anymore. My body is deteriorating, and is seriously feeling the appalling effects of the week’s work,” complained Meredith. “Alright, after we finish the day’s work come and see me. We will decode the lyrics and come up with a plan of getting out of here,” elucidated Caroline. The two slaves finished their work in the fields …show more content…

Should we leave now or wait until tomorrow night?” Caroline questioned. “Now sounds good.” “Okay, let’s do it.” The two slaves began to sneak to the river nearest there plantation. They hopped in the water and began to wade down the river. They knew which direction that freedom was because of the other songs that they had recited throughout the day. They knew it was going to be a long time until they would feel safe enough to get out of the river, so they braced themselves and carried on. About thirty minutes later they heard an indiscernible bark in the background and a voice screaming ferociously at them. “Get back here, now. I will put you slaves to work and you will never get to rest again.” The slaves knew immediately that this was the slave owner chasing after them with his bloodhound dog. They both knew that they had no shot at outrunning either the person or the dog, because of their malnourished bodies and diminished minds. They had to make a decision to either find somewhere to hide, or to somehow reason with the owner to let them go. They both looked around for a place that they could camouflage themselves in. Just as they were about to give up and accept the fact that their lives were over, they saw a cave the size of a doorway that they could compress their diminutive bodies into for the night. They stripped bare before leaving the glacial water, hoping that it would cover their scent, and then they sprinted for the

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