Personal Narrative: Wakeland High School Tennis Team

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It is the morning before all of the Frisco Independent School District tennis teams face off to see who will be the best in singles and doubles. The weather is nice and it will quickly rise to the mid-90s. I cannot wait to get to school to see my team mates and play my final match for Wakeland High School Tennis team. I have been preparing for this match for seven years, without realizing the full affects. It all started on the second week of seventh grade, I had joined tennis as my physical education credit because I did not want to do girls athletics or regular physical education. Coach Dougherty, the tennis coach for Cobb Middle School, came to the gym with two baskets of tennis balls. He had a list of people go to one court and asked the…show more content…
A drip of sweat fell from my eyebrow and into my eye. I can feel and taste the sweat lingering on my body. As she serves, I can tell everyone is anxious. She misses the first serve out. She goes for a second serve; I pounce and hit the ball down the line. She barely touches the ball and it goes flying cross court. As I run and barely hit the ball, the bottoms of my feet start to burn from the bottom of my shoe rubbing against the flaming hot court. She hits it back and I try to get it one last time but am barely too late. I take a second to pull myself together. I am so happy for her. I go up to her and do the unthinkable for two tennis players in high school; I gave her a hug and told her to rock it in her next match. I looked over to the bleachers and nothing can describe the shock of my team mates, their parents and the coaches. I look at my parents and all they can do is smile. I help her pick up the tennis balls and walk off the court knowing I did my best and that was all I could do. Throughout the day, I kept looking back at different parts of my tennis career and I realized how much I had grown. I had grown in tennis, emotionally, and physically. I was ready to continue my life, go to college and jumpstart the adulthood phase of my life. My middle school coach continues to tell sixth graders how I overcame the struggles of being at the bottom of the ladder and how I demanded greatness for myself throughout my tennis career
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