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I can still remember my Spring break of 2017, walking down the streets of New York City. The lights, people, stores, restaurants, and even entertainment. Walking down these streets had left me speechless because I have never experienced something like that before in my life. It was definitely an experience and I feel like everyone should have the chance to visit the big apple! Taxi doors slamming shut, homeless people shaking their empty tins for money, and loud car horns are running through my ears. People pacing back and forth on the streets and trying to get to the subway is all I see. I lower my jaw in astonishment, as I keep walking the streets hoping to see something even more interesting. Then there it is, time square! The…show more content…
Everytime I would walk by a store, I would never see one empty. The atmosphere in the store that I walked into was very busy. There were t-shirts galore with small souvenirs such as water bottles and keychains. I walked out with a “I love New York” shirt and I thought it was the coolest shirt I had ever bought. One very busy part about NYC, was the traffic. It seemed like forever until I was able to cross the street. Taxi horns were constantly going off and people were yelling from all over. It made me feel nervous at times, but I always knew I would be okay. There were some people who just did not care about the traffic and would purposefully walk out in front of cars to see what would happen. I couldn’t believe I was seeing this with my own eyes! I am definitely not used to seeing that in such of a small hometown like mine. Walking the streets of New York City sure do make your feet agonize in pain! It seems like you’re just walking on a concrete path that goes on for miles. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one experiencing this pain, so the best thing to do was walk back to the hotel where we were staying at. We scurried along the sidewalk quickly, until we finally reached our destination. Walking into the room smelled so fresh and clean and I just couldn’t wait to snuggle up against some soft and fluffy bed
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