Personal Narrative: Walking Up To The Tall Building

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Question: Something I’ve overcome. I was 6 years old. Walking up to the tall building was very intimidating. Inside was the testing center. I was nervous, but Mom reassured me that everything would be ok. I walked into the building and before the testing began I told myself that I wanted to do the best I could possible do. But after seeing all of the tests, I started to get worried. At first it was fun. The test administrators made me do activities that seemed like games. One test required making patterns. Another involved building towers with blocks. At the time I did not know if I was taking the test or playing games. But, after what seemed like hours, I became mentally exhausted. The games got harder and I couldn’t think. I stopped caring. After the they said the test was over I knew I could have done better, but it was so long I just gave up. Walking back to the waiting room, I was upset at myself because I was afraid of disappointing my Mom with my poor performance. When i got there and looked at her she got up and started to comfort me. On the car ride home…show more content…
Me and my dad after homework would read a book a day to try and get my reading level up. it was hard but I found ways and trick to get better and stay focused in the classroom. At times i though that i was a lost cause and nothing would get me better but over time it all payed off.It took a while but I work my way back into a CP class my junior year. When i made it back to a cp class i knew that all the overtime paid off. it took a long time but I did get better and know I really don 't see myself as a kid with a disability. Now I feel like I belong where I am a regular class with my friend by my side. Even though that i had a disability i kinda glad that i had it . One reason is it helped me become me also i have found many friends on the

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