Personal Narrative: Wall Of Honor

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In the Dominican Republic, we had a wall called El Cuadro de Honor, the wall of honor. From first grade to fourth grade, my photograph and name was always on it. I loved being a student. I was excited to go to school each morning. The maestra, the teacher, taught us lengua española, ciencias naturales, ciencias sociales, matemáticas. After the morning classes, we would go into the backyard, which had a big field and a playground. There, we ate the ham and cheese or chicken sandwiches and drank the fresh fruit juices we bought from the lunch ladies. When I was in fifth grade, we moved to the United States. I was in the middle of the fifth grade, but they put me in fourth grade. I was in fourth grade for two weeks, but then my mom brought my report card from the DR that put me…show more content…
She would check up with me: “Why aren’t you doing the work?” Whenever I didn’t do my homework, she would make me stay after school with her to finish it. The way she kept on going, even when I failed, she really cared that I did well in her class. I wanted to get on board with her. Miss Stephanie became my eleventh grade teacher after the summer. My English grade went up from 1s and 2s. My overall grade went up to a 2.5. Additionally, in my school, we have a class called Crew. It’s one teacher with fifteen kids or less, and she helps us with the grades and communicate with the group so that you became comfortable in the group, and she was my crew leader. Looking back, I realized that if i had started high school with the same mentality that I ended it with, I would be more successful now and have much more options for my future. Even though I can't go back in time and start high school again, I still have the opportunity to apply this positive attitude from the beginning of my college career and start off on the right foot and have a different perspective of
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