Personal Narrative: Water Skiing

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Cold waves greedily lapped at my back. The pleasant breeze had been replaced with a strong wind, roaring with the pleasure of seeing me struggle. My water skis joined in the process of torturing me. They weighed down on me teasing “Ha, ha you’re gonna drown”. The boulders beneath the water seemed to boast their superiority in making me feel scared. My arms and legs tingled with the thought of sinister water creatures dragging me down to the watery depths, even though my skis could touch the bottom of the lake. At least what I thought was the bottom. I tread a 360 degree circle. No signs of life around me. The whir of the motorboats engine was now soft purr. I was pretty sure that they didn’t even notice that there was no one at the end of the rope any more.…show more content…
My mom’s cousin and his family had invited our family to join them at Tahoe for a five day vacation. Sonali, Shreeya, my sister and I were getting ready in our shared room, when my aunt came in to inform us that we only had thirty minutes till we left the house to go water
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