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WSTC formally known as Wayland Swim and Tennis Club isn't just a swim club to its members. It serves as a summer home for them. The light brown curvy pathway leads directly to the old wooden sign in tabel. The table has lost a leg, but it still stands there every year welcoming anyone who reaches it. Names are etched into the table from years prior adding a sense of charm to what some might call junk. Little girls with hair in braids, and tan skin sit there making bracelets that sparkle with joy in the sunlight. A glance to the left shows the white wooden rocking chairs that dance to the beat of the tennis balls on the court below. The courts seem to go on forever however, there are only just three. Laughter lingers in the air as the tennis balls soar in the sky. A step or two to be back on the…show more content…
Blue the color of the island seas fills the pool. Look ahead at 9 am sharp to see the swim team. Black swim caps cover each head. Four to Five kids fill each lane. Every child has a bright vibrant swimsuit on; smiles spread ear to ear on each face. It was once said that some of the younger girls pretended to be mermaids during practice. Laughter erupted from those girls as they pretend to go on missions saving the deep sea. The twister slide is close by. It’s windy turns and sleek edges provide the perfect ride. The patio gently scrapes the people’s feet as they walk on it. The large diving board terrifies some while brings such joy to others. A girl once hit her head on the board. Her friends and the lifeguard had rushed into save her. She was fine in the end physically, but she never tried to do a backflip again. Kids constantly run around chasing old memories and making new ones. Sometimes one certain kid is lucky enough to be picked to go in the life guard chair, and shout out directions even though no one is listening to the child. Each place in that pool has a story behind, and a reason for being

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