Personal Narrative: We Are Moving To Tennessee

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It was July 12, 2012 when my parents told me, "We are moving to Tennessee because we are going to buy a business." I was very mad because I had to leave my relatives and friends. However, It was also an opportunity to start over and experience new things. When we arrived, we stopped by my cousin 's house. I stayed there until we found a place to stay close to the business. On August 8, 2012 it was my first day of school at McEwen High School. I was very nervous and scared. The school was very small and everyone knew each other. A new student was a big deal, they want to know all your business. My parents bought the Dairy Queen, so everybody already found out because it was a small town. The first day I wore Jordan 's, and everyone else was wearing boots. CULTURE SHOCK!…show more content…
The first couple of months went smoothly. I started to meet new people. When people started to get use to me being around, things started to change. People asked me what is my race, religion, and my parents religion too. I told them," I was half Peruvian and half Indian, and I was catholic." Well, the majority of the school are Christian but that had nothing to do with it. My dad is Hindu so the word got around quick. Somebody, at the store told my dad they 're coming to Dairy Queen because we 're foreigners. Every time I would eat cheeseburger they would say "Aren 't you suppose to pray to that?" I would just ignore them. If it wasn 't that, they would call me a terrorist, because they think Indians are terrorists. Or if I speak Spanish they would ask "Did you cross the border or are you an illegal immigrant? ' Sometimes I would get so tired that I just laugh too. They would also comment that Dairy Queen was bad because we owned it. A lot of stuff was said, but it 's not school
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