Personal Narrative: We Only Grow From My Freshman Year

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We Only Grow from Our Freshman Year
I expected my first year in college to be one I would never forget. I was right; I will never forget my first year in college because I hated it. I attended Texas State University my freshman year and still a student. With a student population of over 35,000, I felt like it’ll be awesome. I would find a group of friends and be involved with our beautiful campus. But, this did not happen. During my high school senior year, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Everything was a waiting game from that point on. I was nervous to head out to college. I sucked it up and packed my bags. I guaranteed my grandpa I would call him and see him on the weekends. This want of seeing him became an obsession. I was isolated from everyone around me. Eventually, I hit depression hard. I would sleep all day and ignore meals to sleep. My roommate even went as far as telling me she felt sorry for me. Somehow, I
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As cliché as this sounds, college is learning experience. Think of it like this, you can start each year new. Get involved with your campus. Join a club, no matter how small or big it is. I’m not advising you to join every organization out there but at least one, getting involved on campus will preoccupy your mind. The best part about college is that people genuinely care about you if you befriend them. When it comes to making friends in college, start a conversation with one of your classmates. There will be at least one person in your classes who is the same major as you, let this be your stepping-stone. Also, don’t just talk to them in class. Meet up with them for a study session, lunch or develop a daily conversation. Your first year in college may suck but don’t let it determined the rest of your college journey. I’m reminding you that things get better with time, especially
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