Graduation Speech: Welcome To Pennsylvania

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“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Pennsylvania.” I look out from the window and breathe in with a heavy heart. People are rushing to get their bags from the luggage space, while I’m trying to finish the sentences from my magazine I bought, only for the reason to put my thoughts away for the flight. I quickly check if someone has called me on my phone, a emergency at work perhaps, but in my disappointment, there is nothing on the screen. I’m making my way to the taxi line, and I’m home in only twenty minutes. Overrated christmas songs is playing loudly in the taxi, and it makes me nauseus for some reason. I suppose I’m not the most christmas-spirited person in the world.

White, powdered snow is laying on the ground, and the air is cold and crisp. For once, it’s actually refreshing to breathe in the air. The house entry is covered in christmas lights, and it instantly makes me feel nostalgic. I walk slowly to the door, and the snow underneath is crunchy.
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While I reach for the doorbell, and gently pushing it, I feel ill. I can slightly hear my mom talking to my dad through the door. I can glimpse the shadow of her in the glass window, and I can hear the recognizable footsteps of her slippers, making that clicking noise that used to make me furious. The door opens up, and I force a smile. “Sweetie! Oh, how long has it been?” She grasp my shoulders, and gives me a massive hug. “Come in, come in! I just finished cooking dinner,”
The warmth inside is overwhelming, on the verge to feel like a sauna. While I take my coat off, I can see my dad sitting in the living room, watching the news. I walk towards the living room. “Hi Dad.” Suddenly I felt a cold breeze going through the room, and my father looked up to me for just a second. “Hey,” I’m trying to say something, however, the words won’t
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