Personal Narrative: What Built Me

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What Built Me
The sound of monitors beeping throughout the night or the desire to just have one night in your own bed doesn’t sound very appealing to most people. In fact, it isn 't my ideal situation either. Still, the Hermann Children 's hospital forever holds a special place in my heart.
I am able to live a normal life thanks to the Hermann Children 's hospital staff. Being diagnosed with Hydrocephalus at ten days old, being sick was all I knew. Teams of doctors helped to ensure that with a device to manage my illness, I would live a rather normal life.
It takes a lot of patience to determine how a child is really feeling. Once, I was seeing double vision due to a medication malfunction, but I told them I was fine so I could play in the
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The hospital was where I made my first friends and where I not only got the care I needed, but I got to be a kid as much as possible. In the hospital, there is a huge fake tree. To this day I am not sure what it is made out of. On Thursdays, they had an interactive finger puppet show. I remember I would get so excited because it made me feel like I wasn 't just trapped in a hospital room. Tuesday 's were always my favorite day at the hospital. That was the day that the therapy animals came. We had four dogs at home and I remember missing them all the time. On Tuesdays, I didn 't get to see my dogs but still, having a furry friend to sit with for a while made my whole day. My favorite dog was a spotted Great Dane. I don 't remember his name but I remember lots of kids were afraid of him because he was so big. We have English Mastiffs so I was just excited to see a dog almost similar to ours. He was always a comfort.
My parents were constantly afraid I would never be able to do normal day-to-day things on my own. Seeing their fear when I was little has made me realize that if I worked in an environment like the hospital, I could encourage people like my parents and provide them assurance. For me, choosing to go into nursing was instinct. I have seen for myself how one-on-one care benefits a patient, not only physically, but it makes them emotionally stronger. I want to provide people with that same
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