Personal Narrative: What Does It Mean To Be A Child

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What does it mean to be a child? By definition, a person between the ages of four through ten, they have no care in the world; they play with mud and eat bugs. They cry for sweets and color outside the lines. Unfortunately I didn’t have much of a childhood. By the time I was five years old I had seven surgeries and had consulted with twenty specialists. All my life I have struggled with my kidneys, more specifically my ureters. I was born with one of my ureters smaller than the other, which resulted in having complications to void. If I didn’t go to the bathroom the second I needed, intense bladder infections that would give me high fevers for days was expected. Everything from experimental surgeries, to having an injection brought in from NASA was done.…show more content…
He was famously known for curing cancer, terminating tumors and even giving sight to the blind. We got on the first bus down there and the setting was mesmerizing mountains after mountains of vegetation and life panned the scene. Birds, donkeys and even monkeys surrounded the enchanted place. There must have been a few hundred people lined up outside this humble straw shack, I was number 162 and patiently waiting for my life to change. When they called up my number I felt this serene sensation cascading down my body. The room was dark and covered with religious memorabilia, white candles lined the room and sage filled the air. It was just as I expected it to be. It was an unusual experience, I was lying on a stiff bed face up and this petite lady with smoky blue eyes prayed and ran a branch of herbs down my body, then she slid a black glass over my lower abdomen and leaned and whispered “ do you believe in a god”, I nodded “do you have faith”, I nodded then she commenced with the ritual. She used a small silver knife and cut over the glass. I wasn’t expecting the jolt from
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