Personal Narrative: What I Do With My Depression

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I believed it was time. I had known that I couldn 't keep it a secret for long. Whether I like it or not the truth have to be known world situation would turn for the worse. I had to tell my mom how I felt every day, regardless of whether it was a good day or bad. I wanted to see the therapist and figure out what I could do with my depression. I learned that being strong doesn 't mean not admitting that you need help, it 's admitting you do and knowing it 's for the best.
As I think back to the late nights that I spent not sleeping because I could not stop feeling a heavy weight on my shoulders with sadness. I had figured something was wrong seeing as I was sad a lot the time and it wasnt normal. I had begun to realize that getting up in
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As i walk into the big white room with a sofa on one wall and a chair in the other i panic. I wonder what i was thinking coming to see a complete stranger and telling them personal things about me. The therapist, lets call her Dr. Grey; notices the frantic look on my face and smiles at me in reassurance. I sit on the couch in a way that if i wanted to leave quickly i can just dash out the door. Dr. Grey asks me to begin telling her about me and why ive come to see her. I tell her everything, surprisingly i feel some weight come off my shoulders as i do and she confirms my thoughts on what was going on with me- chronic depression and anxiety. She explains to me how it is not something that goes away quickly or even at all. She helps me accept that i will have to cope with it and manage it. As the sessions continue, she gives me exercises to practice when feeling the worst or when i feel the dread. She at first recommends an antidepressant but i politely tell her i try to avoid taking pills with chemicals and instead would like to know if there is some herbs that will help. She instead tells me that i must improve how i eat, and to exercise. I must become organized with my work and work on eating properly, no more pizza frenzies and ice cream tubs. I go home and begin practicing these methods. As the months pass i notice myself having less bad days and more semi-good ones. I sleep better at night, i wake up in a better mood. Its been 8 months and i am still doing the exercises. I 've chosen to take it day by day, i plan for the future but take it day by day as to
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