Personal Narrative: What I Learned At Glen Oaks Community College

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Attending community college has opened many doors and presented many opportunities for me. With the help of my professors and the education I gained from my classes, I was hired at a company that will help me continue to grow. I was hired at a Fastenal branch in Three Rivers, Michigan because of my academic and intellectual skills I learned at Glen Oaks Community College. At Fastenal there are often times situations where a customer needs a product that is either not in stock at the store or a mass quantity that cannot be filled by the inventory in the store. My professors prepared me to think critically and problem solve in my everyday life, so when this situation arises I have no need to panic. My first step to solving the problem is usually finding out how soon they need the product, and from there I can find the closest Fastenal store with the necessary stock and have it expedited. There are also other situations where a customer brings in a bolt and needs to know what length, diameter, finish , etc., that it is so that they can either order more of it or a different size. I then use any information I already know and the necessary tools to determine exactly what kind of bolt it is. There is never a day at Fastenal where I do not have to use my problem solving skills to get a job done, this helps me expand my knowledge and grow as an…show more content…
After taking this class, I have been able to convey my thoughts and ideas in a more clear and professional manner. Public speaking taught me that the use of “um” and “like” make you sound less credible. Going into my interview I used everything that I learned in the class to help me sound as credible to my future employer as I truly was. Now as an employee and a person I continue to use what I learned in public speaking, and my supervisors and coworkers treat me with respect and have no doubts that I will represent the company in a good
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