Personal Narrative: What I Learned Before And After High School

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Christmas 2006, I’m six years old and psyched about opening up my presents tomorrow morning. I go to sleep Christmas eve and wake up really early Christmas morning. As I roll out of bed I go and bang on my parents big bedroom door. “Bang bang bang bang bang.” My mom rolls out out of bed in her pajamas and tells my brothers and me to start opening. I pick the big one first and rip it open and there it is, a guitar, first of many to come(which I didn 't know at the time). As I sit and stare my mom tells me outloud, “You start lessons Tuesday.” And here I am nine years later still playing and trying to fulfill my dream. Ever since I was six and picked it up for the first time all I 've ever wanted is to play on the big stage. So, for the last nine years I’ve been so avid about playing I’ve been doing everything possible to make that happen. I’ve practiced hours upon hours upon hours, and tried to learn as…show more content…
When I was 13 my guitar mentor decided to form a band between him, myself, and another student of his.Even when we played at the worst venues I would still enjoy it just because I got to play. Once we played at a 37th wedding anniversary and everyone was so intoxicated that no one knew what was going on. Still played and enjoyed it just because I got to do the thing that I love the most. The thing that separates me from your average guitar player, is that most people think that they are not good enough or dont have the necessary skills.I didn’t realize this until about a year ago, I think that I have a real chance. Plus I just want it more than anything else i the world. One day I thought to myself, “What would my life be like If I didn’t know how to play the guitar?” That day I realized that it would be miserable. I would just be another average kid that isn’t really doing anything with my life and I dont want that. God has given me an opportunity, and I am going to seize it to the full
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