Personal Narrative: What I Learned Before Memorial Day

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In September, I will become a high school student. This make me feel very reluctance of leaving middle school. Five months ago, I was so naive(14) because I was unable to adapt to the new school and the new education mode. In the first few months, I was always irascible(14) about ELA’s homework, because the homework was too hard for me. After one month, I began to adapt to this new education mode. For example, I started to read books and started to do some projects with my friends. Therefore, I want to share my experience about these five months.
Before Memorial Day we learned about the war and the Holocaust. I learned a lot about the war and Holocaust from this unit. This grievous holocaust was befell(15) upon the Jews. Adolf Hitler was the
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I think the most valuable book for me was The Pigman by Paul Zindel In ELA class. Even though it was hard for me to understand, but I still enjoyed it. This book helped me to understand how to use foreshadowing. Foreshadowing can make the story more suspenseful. For example, the author described that Bobo he didn’t eat food and was sick. This embody(15) that Mr.P would die in the end of the story; thus, this is foreshadowing. Also, the author used the first person to write the book, because this can contain more information and is easier to read. Through this book, I realize two things. First, I understand how important parents are. If a child has a bad parents, he or she will just act like his or her parents. For instant, John’s father liked to drink beer and smoke, and this caused John also liked to drink beer and smoke. Second, I realize that I should have more responsibility for everyone. Because If you don’t show responsibility to others, something bad may happen. For example, Mr.Pignati was so nice to Lorraine and John; however, Lorraine and John not only didn’t have any responsibilities toward him, but also cheated at Mr.Pignati. They used Mr.Pignati’s money, held a party in his house, which made Mr Pignati’s house mess. In addition, Lorraine and John cause Mr.Pignati die, because they broke Mr. Pignati 's pigs, which increased Mr.Pignati’s illness. After reading this book, I changed my attitude toward my life. I should have more responsibility in my life. Responsibility also means to respect others. Joan Didion once said, “The willingness to accept responsibility for one 's own life is the source from which self-respect
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