Personal Narrative: What I Learned In High School

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If someone were to ask me what I learned in high school, I could say a lot of things. I could talk about my Lifespan Development class and how I learned a lot about babies and prenatal care, and how much it helped me when my sister got pregnant and had questions that I always knew the answer to. I could talk about how much it helped me to learn how to multiply percentages in Algebra, because now when I go grocery shopping, I can add tax and know exactly how much money I’m spending before I even get to the register. I could even talk about how after taking a field trip with my Family Studies class, I realized that I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. These are some of the things I learned in high school that prepared me for life or my next step in education. But if you were to ask me if the writing instruction I received in high school was effective in helping me prepare for the next step in my life, the answer would be no. The writing instruction I received in high school did not adequately prepare me for college. The first reason that I believe I wasn’t taught…show more content…
I had no prior knowledge of what college writing is like. I had no idea opinionated papers were a thing, or that a thesis statement wasn’t a fact. I thought that what I was being taught was correct. I relied on my teachers because it was their job to be prepare me for college writing. Maybe, they taught me what they thought I needed to know in college. Perhaps it was what they did in college so they didn’t know they weren’t teaching me well enough. But in my opinion, I think they knew better. Most of my English teachers were fresh out of college or still in college receiving a higher degree, so they should have taught me better than they
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