Personal Narrative: What I Learned In My Class

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It all began, my last semester as a community college student, I was very anxious to start my last classes and finally be able to graduate. I remember waking up the first day of class and feeling my emotions rush all over the place, as I began my last couple of months at Porterville Community College. being really excited to take the last classes before graduating, but like always I left the toughest subject for last. I’ve never considered myself a good writer and this class made me remember that everyday. This class was English 101A with professor Stern, he is a very tall man with a big beard, and he has the type of personality that intimidates you right away. I remember it like it was yesterday he had a very different technique of teaching you the…show more content…
After I took his class, it totally changed me in so many ways. The terrified girl that I was on my first day of class no longer existed, he made me realise that before you have an excellent piece of writing you have to go through several different attempts and the feedback that you get won’t always be what you expect. Before I took his class I wrote just like anybody else but I really did not put a lot of input or hard work I just did it because I needed to. But as the end of the semester approached, I felt a bit more confident in the way I wrote, and I started to actually see the progress I had made in his class. The negative comments soon turned into positive feedback that allowed my self esteem to go up and realise that I was get on my mind that I was actually able to produce a good piece of writing if I set my mind to it., This made me feel very content with myself, because after a road full of struggles in my writing my hard work was actually being recognized, and I received the positive feedback that I so much had yearned for, and I realised that and I had worked hard enough to make this
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