Personal Narrative: What I Learned In My Writing Class

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Before entering this class I thought I was a well written writer, although as I continued to come to class and work on assignments I then had realized I could use alittle improving. Writing seems to come very naturally for me because I write all the time. I tend to write poetry to express what i 'm feeling at times, it is how I ventilate what it is that I am feeling. So when thinking about topics it is not very difficult for me due to the fact that most of the time I know exactly what it is I would like to write about. Taking this class has showed me how to be a more effective writer and a more effective researcher. When writing my paper I have learned to improve by reading what I have created out loud and making sure it make since, I also have peer reviews and personal review to go back and make sure that my grammar and punctuation is where it should be. Next, when I am conducting research I create a create charts and compare the information I have gathered. Then when it comes to organizing information I take little to know time because I am nine times out of ten very organized before even starting the assignment. In addition, when…show more content…
My writing become even stronger when I add powerful pieces like quotes, pictures or even my own personal stories. I still feel as if I could learn more about rhetoric decisions although, when it comes to understand pathos, ethos, logos, and kairos I have a strong understanding. I am very aware of what my weakness and strengths is in writing. When writing I often times do identify my weakness, I feel as if my weakness are just the basic of always using first person, sometimes only seeing one side to a story, and lastly moving quickly on my work which leaves me with more error than I should have. I also see my strengths when writing which appears to be how strongly I feel about my text which allows me to keep my intended audience engaged within my
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