Personal Narrative: What It Mean To Be A Minority In America

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As a black female, I feel as if it is an obligation of mine for me to truly understand what it means to be a minority in America. To prosper, we must know our roots. However, I am exposed to the history even less than the average amount because my family is not from America. My parents merely came to America knowing nothing about it except that it is the land of absolute freedom where dreams can come true. Growing up, I believed this concept adamantly, after hearing my father’s stories of his journey repeatedly. Being a refugee and living in a dictatorship as well as a constant warzone, America sounded like heaven. Nothing could compare to the hardships that the citizens of Eritrea faced to the amount of opportunities than America can give to a person.…show more content…
For a long time, I knew nothing of the stories of a minority in America except what was taught in school, which was whitewashed. It did not help much with me wanting a better understanding of how black people got to where we are today. We would talk faintly about our history, maybe a week about slavery, another week on black history month, and then an entire school year about white America. Finding out that there is not absolute freedom for all, that opportunities are not given to everyone because of the way the American government was built upon, was a true eye opening experience for me. Being able to attend Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar (TASS) and be given the opportunity to gain insight about the people that actually built this country would be an actual honor. Attending this program, I would be able to participate and describe the different views of various types of people I’ve met from my past experiences, along with my strongly opinionated views. Being given the opportunity of learning more about the growth of minorities including black people in America would be something I truly hope to
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