Personal Narrative: What Makes A Band Better?

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When I strive or something, I want something, to finally achieve it, feels wonderful. When I work for something, it almost feels euphoric once I’ve earned it. That is how it feels to finally play lead trumpet for jazz band; to finally show how I can lead. How I can make the band better. Things can obstruct the view of what I want, but if I push through it makes me feel even better. Going into freshman year I knew I loved playing jazz I was good at it, it was fun. Until the day I got braces on. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when they put them on I was a different trumpet player.With braces I had to relearn the trumpet, it was a hard transition. I would get so frustrated, I just wanted to be good again; I wanted to be able to play the way I could before braces.…show more content…
About a week after the audition. I was told, the braces were coming off. At first I was excited; then I realised that I would have to start over again on the trumpet. Which I did, the braces were off and I was back to “square one”. I was livid, I was hotter than the sun. I spent a year and many months getting to where I was. Others may have quit but I am determined. I want to be the best I can; I want to do what I love. Spending the last part of the school year, and the summer practicing hours and hours; I was able to recover. The beginning of the year came, it was time for jazz auditions. I played my heart out I did exactly what I needed and I earned the lead trumpet role. Not only did I get lead trumpet, but I played at a high level. We sounded great under my sound, under my lead. The feeling of my work finally paying off, I feel euphoric playing lead. No one plays my part, I don’t need anyone to play my part with me, because of my work, I lead with passion. The reason I can play lead is not because it was easy; but because I worked harder than anyone. Worked through the tough times. Now I am a lead trumpet player and I know, I am the reason that I play
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