Personal Narrative: What Makes Me An American

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What Makes Me an American? Have you ever asked yourself “What makes me an American?”? To me, living on an Army base and hearing “taps” several times a day. And seeing the different types of army vehicles all around the base make me feel proud. I believe that being an Army child makes me feel the most “American. ”. When my dad first joined the Military, movers came to our house, packed all of our belongings and took it to where we were going to be stationed which was Fort Carson in Colorado Springs, Colorado. They told us that we had to be there by February 27th, 2008. Once we got there, we had to go through security, get our car checked and get special stickers put on. Then we had to go to the housing building and complete paperwork and get the keys to our house. Last, we had to call the movers and ask them if they can bring us our furniture and clothes. They told us that we called a little too late and if we would have called them 20 minutes earlier, they would have. They then told us that we couldn’t get our belongings until March 10th. Next, we had to…show more content…
They have a free gym, many different parks, a swimming pool, a youth center, USO, different stores and fast food restaurants and more. I would always go to the youth center after school and on the weekends. They have a gym, pool tables, TV’s, games and different types of activities. The USO is something really similar to the youth center except it is more for adults or families. The base has so many cool things to see. Sometimes when I would just be walking down the street, I would see the different types of military vehicles. Also, when I would be on the bus going to school, I would see the men and the women dong their daily PT. The base also holds different kinds of events throughout the year. The Fourth of July is probably the best one of the year. They hold the event in a giant park and have games, food, live bands and most importantly,

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