Personal Narrative: What Makes My Skateboaring

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People often stereotype me as some kind of skater and drug user. One of

the reasons being is how i dress. I think i generally dress like some sort of

skateboarder type kind of guy, but that doesn 't mean i 'm out skating every day or

doing drugs, because people often think if you skate your automatically a drug

user of some sort. The other reason is the type of music i listen too. i like rap/hip- hop music and some people frown upon that due to the sometimes graphic lyrics

and vulgar topics, BUT if you just listen to what their saying sometimes, they talk

about real life and what they go through, sure some artists don 't but the a lot of

the ones i like do. People think that music reflects on me and my personality but

it doesn’t entirely. Who i really am
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I’m a huge music

enthusiast and it 's a big part of my life. Id say im pretty outgoing and i always try

to bring a fun positive vibe wherever i 'm going. I like to help people out because i

believe in karma. If i do something good i believe i 'll eventually get repaid in

some way for it. I truly like the clothes i wear because it 's just my style and my

taste if people got a problem with that then they can go cry about it. I love love

love the music i listen to because i believe rap shows the most enthusiasm and

tells the most about a person and their life and struggles, in such a raw uncut

way too. So yeah thats me, who i really am down to the core.

When people stereotype or label me, it doesn 't effect me as much as it does

other people, but i think the main reason of that is my personal beliefs. See for

me i believe in doing and being whatever i want, no matter what anybody thinks

or says. I care about myself and my health more than anybody or anything, I

think everyone should be that way too. The moment you stop being wrapped up

in the words and beliefs towards you, you can focus on you and what you

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