Personal Narrative: What's My Cultural Identity

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What if one day you 're sitting in the park and a little kid 5 or 6 years old, came up to you and asked you. What 's your cultural identity?; and just walked away. It makes you wonder how does this little fella know what 's cultural identity is? Then imagine, realizing that you may not know or have one. I am Christian Jimenez a latin American student in western. My parents come from Mexico, siblings from California, my younger siblings and I are from here Las Vegas. Which makes me wonder what 's my real cultural identity. I celebrate Mexican customs and cultural aspects due to my parents coming from a Latin heritage. We celebrate fifth of may to day of the dead. We celebrate from our heros to fallen ancestors. I can say it for myself, I know how to have a good time in everything I do. No matter what it is, some music, some food and there. My father believes work is important and my.mother believes education is. But we all know that we do it for family. Since little my father would take me to work on the weekends. Because ?I didn 't cross the border to sit around and be lazy? he would say. With the money I earned I would buy stuff for school to make my mother happy. (Besides all the money I use to spend on toys of course) An element which impacts me the most?. is food and music but…show more content…
Even though my father and I are very different we ?try? to understand each other. We both enjoy food, parties, even working hard (ehh not that much but yeah) in the shop or in class. So you can tell that to the kid. But no matter who comes in or out of my life they can 't change who I am. I am a action loving, whovian, taco loving, hard working believer loving tacos (I love tacos) Mexican American. So next time someone in your family tries to change you culturally or your customs. You may first may want to see what they 're trying to change, let them but only.for the great good for you. But don 't forget if someone asks you what your cultural identity is you will
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