Personal Narrative: When I Dislocated My Finger

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I remember when I dislocated my finger in football.I was 12 years old and it was the beginning of practice.I remember that I was wearing my football gear.It was also sunny and hot.Before I dislocated my finger, I was running football plays.When I was running the plays, it got hot because I have to run to the guys to block them. After all the plays we ran, I was starting to get tired and very sweaty.Right when I dislocated my finger, I was running to block.I was able to block the guy, but my finger got caught in his face mask.When it happened, I thought it was a jammed finger until I looked at it.When I saw my finger I was surprised and freaked out. After that, I went home because the coaches couldn’t take me.I also remember that it was getting
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