Personal Narrative: When I Got My Dad

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Introduction I have a story that you gotta read.As you read think about your top 5 memories.What happened in them?When did they happen.How did they happen.Was it a new pet or maybe your parents wedding day.Perhaps it could be a vacation you really liked.Maybe a mascot that you liked that you met.Read on to find out about mine. Paragraph 1 When I got my puppy on a hot summer day the first thing I saw was caramel fluff.I started to pet him and he jumped on me and gave me puppy kisses.After I got him off of me I did start petting him and he was so soft.He was so hyper that all I could hear was rapid barking and constant panting.I could see a little black nose running around the yard.He was rolling around everywhere and he got stinky so we had to give him a bath. when we gave him the bath he was right in my face with stinky puppy breath.He was really hard to clean because of his thick fluff. Paragraph 2
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