Personal Narrative: When I Got To Highschool

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When i got to highschool i was 15, very nervous because it was highschool and it was a brand new school too. I 've never expected high school to go by so fast in the 4 years i 've been here. Many great and awful things happened to me in those 4 years. I matured in high school and realized what i truly wanted to do, like and disliked. And now in 12th grade i 'm starting to realize that it 's all real, that i 'm graduating and going into the real world. I hate it yet I love it because i don 't like the responsibilities we get when we graduate, we go to school or join the working force or the military and if you don 't like none of those options, then your out of luck. Like me I don 't like the options but i wanna do what i like most out of
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