Personal Narrative: When I Had A Basketball Game In Conway, Arkansas

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Have you ever had a failure to that ultimately turned into a success for you? My failure was when I had a basketball game in Conway, Arkansas. It was the championship game of the night that everybody wanted to see including myself because I was hype and ready to play. The tip-off had begun at seven o’clock at night. My team got the tip-off. After the tip I scored right as soon as I got the ball because I was wide open. Then, I ran back to the other end of the court to play defense but, as soon as I got back my team had a steal, so I ran as fast as I could to get in front of the ball to get another fast break point. I had the first eight points. To shorten things, I finished the half with 16 points. After halftime, I had to sit because I had three fouls.…show more content…
The score was fifty-six to fifty-eight. As soon as I came in the game, I knew I was still on fire from the first half, so I smiled because I knew I was going to get the ball. When I got the ball, I shot a mid-range shot and I tied the game up. Then time went by to where nobody was scoring. It was like both teams were playing good defense, but the other team had scored with six seconds on the clock. Then, our point guard for our team got the ball and ran fiercely down the court and passed it to me with three seconds on the clock and I didn’t know that the point guards’ twin brother was in the corner but I hurry and shot it but I
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