My Trip To Roberto School-Personal Narrative

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When officer toke me to Roberto school I was scared but when Roberto got into the car too we were both scared and nervous because we didn't know what they were going to do to us but we know we were going to get deported but like 10 minutes later we got to are apartments but then he told us where we lived then we said follow us.while we were walking we tried to escape we tried and sprint but they caught up, so we had to show then then we got to are door step and knock on the door and my parents open it and they said where are your green card and we said we don't have any then he said you guys are going to get deported so we follow him to his car and we drove away to the Airport.
So then like 45 minutes later we got to the airport we were really
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parents were talking I said where are we going to live well not here because it's illegal, so we drove around and found a place, then we started to put our stuff in the hotel, while we were doing that my mom was making something to eat because it's been a really bad day so I checked pit my room, I had to share with Roberto but its ok so we hold are blankets and spread the out on the floor because we didn't have a bed so we got are pillows and I went to sleep.The next day I was sleeping so was Roberto but then we heard a nock on the door so my parents open it and it was the police are parents called everyone to come o the living room then the police said pack your stuff you guys are going to Mexico so we all started to pack then like 20 minutes later we were all done then we followed the police to there car and we go into different cars because we all didn't fit but when we got there we saw a strange guy with a tuxedo then he came up to us and said were are you guys going and my dad said back to Mexico because its illegal to be here without a green card then the guy said no you I'm a judge and I'm demanding the officer to let you stay here until you guys want to and we all started to jump really high like to the clouds so we staid there are whole
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