Personal Narrative: When Things Were Normal

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When Things Were Normal When I was little my mother always told me in her soft mom voice you get when your friend stole your doll or you fell of the monkey bars “the best is always going to seem bad at first but eventually everything will be great.” Then i would curl up in her arms and sit there because she gave the best hugs. The ones that make you warm inside, it makes you want to be nice to that grumpy old mrs. perkins that lives across the street with her ten cats. My mother was that kind of person but ever since my mom and dad got divorced everything has changed. Not just at home though, my life will never be the same and i don’t know if ‘eventually it will be great’. The first sound i hear in the morning is that annoying “errrrrriiiiinnggg!”…show more content…
My school life is pretty much me walking from class to class trying not to get run over in the hallway by the 6’4 football beast things and other oblivious meat heads. In class all I do is take notes or read a book and sit in the very back so i don’t get caught. Because you know, i 'm a big rebel. Now my social life, i don’t have much of one. Well i have friends and people know me but i’m not the person that is surrounded by twenty people at lunch. That is my best friend Sam. Sam is 6’3 and is like a superstar at our school. If i didn 't save him in third grade when he ripped up Sarah Lanes project up because she called him the s word, (stupid not the other one you dirty minded person) we probably wouldn 't even be friends. My other best friend is Julie. Julie i guess is the part of me that allows me to be sane. We have a lot of idiots in our grade and she is the only person from keeping me from ripping their ignorant heads off. With quite, simple Julie and Jock, superstar Sam i am the average teen with a little bit of above average intelligence. I have everything planned out, well at least i can…show more content…
Now I’m sitting in my room trying not to cry all over my paper writing this. I know i need to tell him how i feel but right now i feel safe just playing it off as if nothing is wrong even though i am broken inside. I am going to make it through even though i might rip of angel Julie’s perfect blonde head in the process, I made it through freshman year biology i can make it through this, right? Its early and im dead sitting in our 7:00 student council meeting. My eyes are all puffy, blotchy, and red. I had a dream last night that Julie and Sam were getting married and i was trapped in a glass box unseen and unheard. I tried so hard to yell Sam’s name but nothing was heard. I woke up crying at four and couldn’t fall back asleep. Sam keeps looking at me across the desks and mouths, “are you ok?” and all i do is nod because i cant tell him the truth, not yet. Once we are out of our meeting which is let out ten minutes late because nerd Ned wouldnt shut up about our dirty hallways. Who cares about dirty hallways when you have a broken

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