Personal Narrative: Where I Live In Montgomery, Alabama

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I’ve lived in Montgomery, Alabama for as long as I can remember. I’ve never lived anywhere else, but I 'm glad that I have gotten to see more than just Montgomery. I feel like Montgomery is a very historic city because Rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr. lived here. I always thought that this was a very cool place to live and learn about my surroundings. When I was little I lived in apartments called Highland Village, where I met my best friends. It was always a good time to go outside and play with my friends. It was a very friendly, safe and clean neighborhood. I remember playing outside, riding my bike until the streetlights came on. After a five years of staying in Highland Village, my my parents decided that we needed more space so we…show more content…
To me the house and the yard seemed really big. We had tall trees in the front and backyard that were really beautiful, but my parents got them cut down. I was excited to pick out my room and figure out how I wanted it decorated. We had some very friendly neighbors, that we spoke to on a daily basis. One of our neighbors, Mr.Thomas, has a beautiful garden in his backyard, and his grass in his front yard was very even and bright green. He was always very helpful, when he helped us out around the house. He would cut our grass, and take care of our plants. Mr.Thomas would go around the neighborhood helping anyone he could, and was a very energetic person for his age. Our other neighbors had young kids that would always come over and ask if I wanted to come out and play. Even though they didn’t stay in the neighborhood long, we had fun together. It seemed like we would play outside everyday. I was beginning lo like this neighborhood, Pecan Grove, very much. It was a great scenery with the breeze blowing, the sun shining bright, and trees blowing in wind. We also had the most beautiful roses growing in our front yard, that smelled amazing. I remember picking the roses and putting them in a vase. There were many good moments I’ve had while living in my

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