Personal Narrative: Where Is Here By Joyce Carol Oates

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This year, I was invited to my friend’s birthday at Disneyland. I was hesitant about going, since I’ve only ever been on rides like Mad Tea Party, It’s a Small World, and Haunted Mansion. I knew all of my friends loved rides like Matterhorn, and Splash Mountain. As scared and hesitant as I was, I knew that my friends would never force me on a ride I wouldn’t want to go on. So I went, the first ride of course, was the Matterhorn. I waited in line with my friends as I decided on whether or not I should go on it. I went along with it, and rode the ride. I started to freak out before the ride finished going upward at the beginning, but by the end my voice was all warmed up from screaming. Stepping out of the ride, my legs were all jittery, and…show more content…
This is effective because it causes readers to question their own homes. In contrast, “the father pushed past her without comment and the lights flickers” (76). This is eerie because the lights shined bright and the father and mother seemed happily married before the visitor. Now the lights flicker and the couple is in conflict. The whole feeling and setting of the story has changed. Therefore, the transformation was effective because as the house became eerie and dark, so did the mood of the…show more content…
Joyce Carol Oates and Julio Cortázar both presented transformation in their stories. They both took a normal, natural setting, a house, and transformed it into something strange and unnatural. Arthur Tress expressed transformation through photographs. All the photographs were definitely not normal though, that was the thing. They were all normal in a way, in clothing, setting, or people. But the main focus was upon an unnatural, creepy subject, creating a transformation. Thus showing transformation is used in many forms, and used in effective ways to promote
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