Personal Narrative: Who I Am Sir Gawain

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Who am I? I am Sir Gawain, the most honorable and humble knight from King Author’s court and a personal guard to my queen Guinevere. My human strength and courage let me do what no other knight dared to do for our dear king. You want to know what I did? Well, you see, my heroic journey started out with one powerful ax blow to the head of a horseman. My heroic stature was put to the test as I was challenged by this horseman. For exactly a year and a day I went on a quest and defeated beasts such as dragons, wolves, and trolls. Not only that, but my life was constantly in jeopardy. Although the beasts did endanger my life, the cold winter was the harshest of them all. The frigid weather nearly froze over my body several times. It was my faith
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