Personal Narrative-Who Is A Snitch?

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SNITCH!!! I remember it like it was yesterday… However, it was five years ago. In first grade. It all started when we got outside, we were fine at lunch just doing the normal, talking, playing, ext. We were all happy now, as in we, I mean our group we always are challenging each other and tattling on each other for the smallest reason, in that group were and somewhat still is the same people, there is/was Logan, Luther, Kanava, Anna, AnnMarie, Blaine, Aiden, and of course me, Cadence. So when we got outside Logan was doing something he should not have done, he was kicking balls under the covered area. So I went and told Ms. Donna. She gave Logan a warning to not do that again, or she wound send him to the principal for not obeying a teacher. Logan was furious at me. Ms. Donna went back to work.…show more content…
So like normal I was trying to get him back, so I called him a snitch. We took the fight over to our “group.” He called me a snitch again, so I called him one back. It kept going back and forth and back and forth between the two of us. Logan got so mad at me for telling the teacher that he “had to” scream at the top of his lungs into my ear. I remember my ears were ringing after that and I started crying. I went to the teacher again and said is a weary voice “L-L-L-Logan s-s-s-screamed in m-m-my ear r-r-really l-l-loud, a-a-and i-i-it hurt.” she didn’t seem to care at all. So the teacher Ms. Donna went over to Logan, again and talked to him about expectations, then she took him to the office. I was happy because Ms. Donna took Logan to the office. I had a great time the rest of recess. People were staring at me because they saw Logan and me fighting
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