Personal Narrative: Who Is Ready To Go To Mexico

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SURPRISE my cousins said! The baggage handlers were setting each bag I the luggage carrier, but I wanted to put my bag in the luggage carrier by myself. I got seat number sixteen-nine, the cabin crew as telling everybody to take a seat and put their seatbelts on for take off. I was alone sitting with strangers and my mom got different seats. The cabin crew tried to make everybody happy by saying “Who is REady To Go To Mexico¨, but everybody was quiet, all you can hear was the engine roar.
The pilot finally said that we were going to taking off… in two minutes. I was getting bored… it was taking to long to take off so I started to do an activity which was to use my Ipad. After two minutes we were taking off. I was so excited to see my family members, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpas, and grandmas. I was amazed how this aircraft started to lift off the ground.
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I finally heard the pilot 's voice… but it was bad new we had to land in north america to get gasoline. I asked the cabin crew how long will it take to refill the plane. One of the crew members named Jimmy said no more than thirty minutes. We landed everybody got off the plane. I was the last one to get out of the plane. I didn’t see may parents and I started to get worried. I told the cabin crew and they told me how my parents looked… so I told them. We finally found them, they were taking photos… I still didn’t believe that they did not notice that I saw gone. After I found my parents we went to a restaurant to take a bit of hunger away. ( I ate two tacos). We arrived just on time to get on the airplane. I was still sitting next to strangers. We still needed one more hour to arrive to Mexico. I fell asleep… SURPRISE all of my cousins said. I was so happy that I saw them. Since we were in Mexico we celebrated my birthday with my family
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