Personal Narrative: Who Was Kyle's First Day In High School

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It was Kyle’s first day at St. Joseph High School and he was more than excited. He was dressed in his best shirt and pants, with his cross around his neck, ready to make a great first impression. After a long move from Wyoming, he was looking forward to settling in and meeting new friends. Kyle quickly noticed that school in Atlanta was much different from his rural hometown of Sheridan. There was about 4,500 more students than the small Christian school he attended in his home town. Kyle’s day started off poorly, he was late to his first class as he couldn’t find his way around the school. During lunch he sat by himself, making his day even worse. Kyle was really starting to miss his old friends back in Wyoming. He and his friends used to do everything together; they played basketball, did homework, and attended church together every Sunday. But by the end of the day Kyle was in a better mood. This was due to the fact that he made some new friends in geometry. When they saw Kyle sitting by himself they quickly invited him saying, “Hey…show more content…
Jacob, his other friend from geometry, walked up and said, “H-hey man g-gooood to see ya here man” as he stretched a red solo cup towards Kyle, “Ya want some?” Kyle quickly declined and walked over to the corner of the room to figure out how to solve this problem. He thought of his mother, Mary, who had always told him to stay true to his beliefs and never to do anything he didn 't feel was right. He looked around at the people in the room, the seemingly good christian kids who were so kind, drinking, partying, and knew what he needed to do. He walked out the door, leaving the party behind him. Kyle had learned his lesson this night; no matter how people may seem, everyone can do bad things and make wrong decisions. Not everyone was truly as they seemed. As time went on Kyle has trouble trusting kids at the school, even those who weren 't at the party. He felt that he really did not know who was good, and who was just
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