Personal Narrative: Whole New School

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Looking back I stared at my blank paper struggling to grasp the concept of a lesson. I knew well enough I needed to speak up sooner or later in school. Once I entered a whole new school I had to change. It was an easy ride the whole way until now.
Breezing through class has always been in my mindset. Teachers talked and talked, it felt too slow for me so I jumped ahead. It was a clear mistake. Classes were too slow for me, I felt as if I did not even need to try.
Spanish was a bore and was more to me as a slack off day whenever Mrs. R introduced a new lesson with the loud colors of her dress. To me she barely spoke a lick of Spanish, at best she rolled her tongue with an accent that was clear as day, “Hola class we are going to practice the word red in Spanish!”. “I could already roll my tongue so why to bother?”, I thought. Although I was not able to say it aloud, but I thought that way about many of my classes.
Even math was easy at times, but that was where I struggled the most. I was seen as the best in class even though I was clearly not. “Hey boy when that bell rings and you’re not in your seat imma have to count you late!” ,in a southern accent. I never asked questions once resulting in B’s, because the teacher was well known to be strict. Oddly enough she praised me
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It wasn’t a lazy river anymore. These teachers were experienced enough to see right through students, and I was in trouble. “This ain’t no kiddie pool no more kids. Today let 's do a quiz on the summer of 1845 to see how much you know and how prepared you’ll be!”, he was a veteran and it was clear as day. His room decorated with patriotic posters and even the American flag on his arm told me he was serious. I couldn’t sit back and relax anymore. A new stage of adolescence with new people and a fresh slate. I couldn’t hear Mrs.R’s rolling voice anymore to give me a signal of relaxation, but only the rolling thunder of “His”

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