Personal Narrative: Why A Running Human Needs

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A running human needs roughly two thousand calories per hour, above and beyond nominal daily needs. Nibbling a comestible the fur-people called journey cake while running can offset that deficit. Journey cake contains 75 calories per ounce. Ten pounds of journey cake approximately matches our caloric requirement for a day 's run. That 's seven, nine-inch rounds of the coarse, grainy cake, another ten pounds to carry. Nibbling while running is not impossible, though digestion draws blood away from the muscles. Scarfing down a pound of tough, dry journey cake while running is sure to cause distress. While nibbling journey cake during a run can help, we can 't carry nor consume enough to meet our total needs. Six hours at that pace requires more…show more content…
With the risk of insomniac dinosaurs, we cannot spend more than about five hours on the road. Early morning or late evening risks encountering a predator we cannot out run and cannot kill. We can run about five to six hours at most. If we 're not behind solid stone on schedule, our survival chances diminish by the minute. Teena and I configured backpacks with water bladders holding four gallons of Go Juice. We also packed several rounds of journey cake, and made practice runs with the rigs. Our goal was to be able to run forty miles in under five hours to have a slight safety margin. It required several adjustments before getting everything packed just right. No matter how we fine-tuned things, the packs were just too heavy, and slowed us down. If we had a longer day we could do it with no problems. With predators roaming early in the evening and late in the morning, our running day is limited. We had to find a better solution. It was Stapleya who identified the answer. I never fail to be surprised by her intelligence and quickness of mind. I had read about the technique in Fitz 's book, but had forgotten about it. Even Teena failed to think of it. Stapleya suggested the use of support runners as Fitz, Petchy and

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