Personal Narrative: Why A Student Athletes Should Be Paid

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Imagine if you were part of the reason for a collegiate team’s success in win and filling up stadiums, but not having enough money to get your necessities. That is what’s happening to a lot of student-athletes, even some pros have commented on this idea. First off, most college athletes barely have money as it is, so if they run short on money, they aren’t able to call their parents or whoever they lived with to send money to them, then they can’t eat or even worst, they have nowhere to live. Many NFL or other professional athletes would agree that college players should get paid mostly because of lack of free time. “I would love for a regular student, for just one semester, to have a student-athlete schedule during the season and show me…show more content…
Butt ran into a situation where he didn’t have enough to pay is rent and he had to call his father to ask him for money to help him pay the rest. Butt says “What I see is my name to profit someone else and I got $200 for food, gas, cable, and water.”, he also said that “my rent was $700”, when he was only getting $900 for his scholarship. He also said that “there’s plenty of people who don’t have families that can send them a couple bucks to help out.”, as he also said that there are some people who actually send the money they get back to their families. Butt also said, "I should be the example of why college athletes should be getting paid in college or why I can 't use my name to benefit off my likeness in college.”, he said this statement because of the incident with his rent and also after tearing his right ACL and having to pay for most of his surgery. He also added, "Why can I see 'I Like Jake Butt and I Cannot Lie, ' I see those shirts and I 'm living paycheck-to-paycheck in college. Who knows? Heaven forbid something happens in the NFL, can I really benefit off of it when it was at the most? No, I can 't.", which is true because he should at least get some of that money because he is the reason the
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